Friday, April 22, 2011

Little Animals

The 'Kobycousins' are all in town this week. It is always so much fun to get this bunch together. Grandma, Papa & I decided to take all of the little animals to see the little animals at the zoo. It is farm baby time at the MN zoo and the kids were excited to go see the animals and to get some play time together.

Our first stop was at the outdoor play area that just opened up this week! Lucy and Emily were weaving webs.

Ellen went for a boat ride

Then, all of the cousins went for a ride on the MN state bird. The mosquito! They are all shouting "Minnesotaaaaa'.

Then we headed out to the farm. The kids loved feeding the 'kids'. Har Har Har.

Then they went to see the baby chicks.


What a cute little farm baby!

They had a great time together. We missed Hans & Katie today, but all of the little animals will get to be together on Sunday. Can't wait!

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