Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm A Big Kid Now

We have had a major shift in the Kobie household.  Up until a few weeks ago, if you asked Ellen if she was a big girl, she would say.  'No, I baby.'  Now she says quite frequently: 'I big girl!'  I don't know how it happened, but it did.  Sniff, Sniff.
Since we are trying to embrace the 'big girl' mentality, we got her a Big Girl Bed!

She is such a little peanut that you can barely see her in the second picture. 

I'm trying to love this picture.  It is a real representation of how we are at bed time.  Of Course, I had the beds made and the toys put away.   I even vacuumed, since I knew we would be taking pictures of the big girl bed.  But then, life got in the way and by the time I got back to take the picture, our real life ended up on camera.  The toys are strewn about, blankets are all over and both of my children are in their natural state, which is 'au natural'.
So, this is really the best picture for the blog, right?  It is us, how we really are.  My two silly, energetic, big girls.    

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Festivities

The girls got to wear their costumes a few times this year.  We started last weekend at a friends party.  Although the kids were playing like crazy people, so the only pictures I got were when they were eating.  Here are the 'Light Up Fairy and Minnie Mouse'.
We also had a special guest that weekend.  Our friends Hannah & Chris let us keep their little monkey, Cooper, for the weekend while they went up north.  It was so fun to have him!
Lucy had to have a fairy action shot

 The girls and I also made a haunted gingerbread house this year.  I helped put it together and they did all of the decorating.  Pretty scary!
 I think they might have sampled some of the black frosting while I was getting the camera. . .
 A few days later, it was on to pumpkin carving.

 Lucy did her own carving this year.
 Ellen had a little help.
We're not done yet!  We got to go to the MN zoo for trick-or-treating on Saturday afternoon. 

We even had a special guest with us!
 AAAaahhh!  A Moose!

 Then, on Halloween, they got dressed up one more time for Trick-or-Treating in our Neighborhood.  I get just as excited as the girls to see the awesome decorations that our neighbors come up with!
Here we are before heading out.
 Grandma & Papa came to see the girls too.  Grandma stayed behind to hand out candy so both Mommy & Daddy could go with the girls.  That black eye didn't even scare the other kids away.
Here are Jer and Papa taking the girls up to one of the houses.
Tired little girls can still dump out their candy to see how much they got!

Now, I have to run to go get more decorations for next year!