Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ellen's 2nd Birthday: Part 2

On Ellen's birthday we packed up the car and headed to Viroqua for a few days. It had been Auntie Sandy's birthday earlier in the week and we thought the birthday girls should celebrate together. I snapped a quick picture of Ellen in the front yard before we left. She picked this dress out at the store and was so excited to get to wear it.

Ellen got to ride on the yellow donkey when we got there.
Other special guests were there for the party as well. We had the honor of picking up Molly from the airport in mpls and brought her with us. Mindi, Ryan & Jim were in Viroqua when we got there.

We spent some time at the park. Ryan found some treasures.

Mindi and Lucy loved just being together.

They were saying 'Buz Lightyear to the rescue!'

Ryan checked out the dragon.

Here is our attempt at getting all of the kids together for a photo. . .

The next day, the little monkeys made a banana cake for Ellie & Sanny's birthdays.

Since it was a banana cake and I'm a theme-a-holic, It had to be a curious george party. The banana cake was the 'yellow hat'.

Here are the birthday girls.

Gram & Ellen

After cake, we opened presents. Ellen had one big present outside. She pulled the cover off and said 'Now??'

Then she hopped in with Lucy.

And away they went for a wagon ride.

The next day was Mother's Day. After a big delicious breakfast, we headed out for a hike.

Lucy brought a few of her new favorite things.

Gram & Auntie Sandy took the girls to check out the view.

And Little Ellie enjoyed picking many dandelions.

Well, I'm tired just looking at the pictures. It was a fun filled five days!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ellen's 2nd Birthday

Our busy little bee is turning 2! Even though her birthday is tomorrow, we had to start the party today since she is such a busy little girl.

Grandma & Papa, Auntie Katie, Uncle Tom & Hans came over for supper and cake to celebrate with the little 'honey' tonight.

Mommy & Daddy made her cake!

It is amazing that I got this picture. Ellen was VERY excited to blow out the flame for her birthday. She kept blowing out the match before Jer could get the candles lit. She finally let him light the candles for a split second.

We are headed to Auntie Sanny's house tomorrow for a few more days of partying and hanging out with more family.

Happy Birthday Ellen.