Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Adventures in Hair Cutting

'Mommy, I want short hair.'

'Well, let's talk about that a little.'

'Can I cut my own hair?'

'Absolutely not. . . Lucy, Did you already cut your own hair?'

That's how it started. Then, there was some talking, a chunk of hair found underneath the kitchen table, the dreaded consequence of no scissors for a week. But, all's well that ends well, right?

Here is her long hair, you can just barely make out a piece that she cut.

Here you can see some of it a little better (on the left side of the picture). It really could have been a lot worse. But, it is still quite a bit shorter than the rest of her hair.

I decided that I shouldn't try to fix it by myself, so I took her to my salon. Which. . . she LOVED!
Here she is at the beginning of the cut. She is smiling in the mirror.

When she was getting her hair dried, she was laughing and giggling the whole time. It tickled.

Here she is with her stylist, Amy. She loves her new shorter hair.

Today, she was bummed that she still couldn't use the scissors.


  1. Hi Lucy, Your hair looks beautiful. You will have to ask Mommy what she did with scissors to other people's hair when she was about your age. Tee Hee.

  2. wait till she wants to cut Ellen's hair! I think she takes after grandpa Kredit. He watched our dog for a few days and when we came to pick Lacey up, grandpa had cut her hair all off. She looked terrible...but there she was wagging her tail at us like she was still the cutest thing!