Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Talent Show 2011

We know some talented kids! To showcase their skills our friends, the Swenkas, hosted a Talent Show last weekend.

Here is Drew Grismore rocking 'Should I Stay or Should I Go'.

Some of the Barnhardt Girls & Katie Bell Grismore did a choreographed dance.

The Selim boys did a stand-up comedy routine.

Chloe Johnson was a beautiful ballerina.

Jack Swenka showed off his biking skills (Just like his Daddy. . .)

Josie 'Evil Kenevil' Jones.

Elizabeth wanted to be just like the big girls.

They sang along with Go Fish!

Gracie, Katie & Olivia sang and did a little giggling too. . .

They were talented and unbelievably cute!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

A little late is better than never, right? How many times have I said that. Finally, here are pictures from Memorial Day Weekend.

We started the weekend out with a little trip up to Taylor's Falls with our friends, The Carters.

The big girls did a little hike while we cleaned up after lunch. Here are Bella, Lucy & Lucille.

Elizabeth and Ellen had to get some pictures in as well.
Ellen also wanted to demonstrate how strong she is.

Then we all headed up the trail. The big girls had the lead with Moms chasing after them and Dads & littles following behind.

As we hit some of the bigger hiking areas Ellen and I stayed closer to the bottom.

After Lucy came down, she let me get a quick pic too.

A quick shot of me and my gals.

Another attempt. . .

The girls hit the rock walls again.

Then we went out of the park for a sweet treat.

The next day we got to head up to the cabin for a little more fun. We got to hang with Sam, Paola & David for a few hours before they had to head back to the cities.
Lucy and David had some fun with new water shooters.

Ellen did a different kind of shooting.

That night, Ellen slept in a big girl bed for her first time!

However, It only lasted a few hours. She woke up 'scared', so I crawled in with her and spent the rest of the night with her.

In the morning, the three well rested members of the family headed out on the dock for some fishing.

While they were fishing, a new toy almost got away! Grandma to the rescue.

As punishment for not going in after it, we made Jer get in it!

Can you see Ellen's little face in there with Lucy?

Being a big blueberry seemed like so much fun at the time. . .

The girls climbed in with me and Dad sent us for a spin. Well, not really, the rolling happened one at a time, we just all had to get in for a picture.

Great fun. Great weekend. See ya next year.

Hopefully I'll blog before then!