Sunday, April 24, 2011


What a wonderful day we had celebrating Easter with our family.

The girls were so happy to be able to sit out in the grass for a picture before we went to church.

After church we headed up to Grandma & Papa's house to spend time with the whole Kobie family. We took a little more time for family pictures.
Jer's mom just got back from a trip to Peru. She brought these amazing boots back for us. We all got to be together to wear them!

After lunch, the egg hunting began. Here are Em & Al with Grandma and some found eggs.

Kim helped Molly find some in the high spots.

She found the low ones on her own.

I got a few close ups as the kids were looking through their treasures.

Ellen found some candy in her eggs.

And then someone helped her find some more. . .

Hans had some too. . .

All of the kiddos sat together for a few seconds.

What a beautiful day it was to spend with family and remember the amazing sacrifice that our Jesus made for us. He is risen!


  1. What darling pictures...what priceless memories!