Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lucy's American Girl Birthday

I know, It's March.  Lucy's birthday was in January.  I'm not quite sure what happened to the last two months. . . But here we are, just a few days away from April.  Ugh!
We really did celebrate Lucy's birthday in January.  I promise.  I'm fairly positive I put pictures on facebook.  Every time I put pictures on facebook at not the blog (which is often), I feel like I need to apologize to the blog.  I'm sorry I have neglected you. . .

So. . .  Lucy's American Girl Birthday!

This year, for Lucy's birthday, we gave her the option of having a party or choosing one friend to take to the American Girl Doll store for lunch.  She chose the American Girl lunch in about .5 seconds.  She got her first doll for Christmas and is crazy about her. 

Since the store and restaurant are in the Mall of America, we had to make a little pit stop to see Dora on the way there. . .
 Then, while we were waiting to go up for lunch, we met Saige.

The restaurant is very cute.  All pinks, flowers & little girls!  Each doll had a special seat, so they could be at the table.  They also had their own place setting.

Ellen doesn't have a doll (yet), so she got to bring Merida.  They were both just happy to be there!

As an added surprise, we got both of the doll's hair styled.  Lucy's doll, Caroline, also got her ears pierced!

 It was a very fun and special way to celebrate the day.  All three of the girls had a blast and the two adult ladies had a pretty great day too!