Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas with the Kobs

This year we got to go back to Westboro for Christmas. We got to spend a few days with Jer's grandma. Her house holds so many wonderful childhood memories for Jer. We love that we can bring our girls to spend time with great-grandma Kobielush. Here are Lucy and great-grandma.
The whole family came back this year. On Christmas Day, we all went on a horse drawn sleigh ride through the snowy forest. It was so beautiful! The horses had sleigh bells on, the snow crunched, we sat on hay and plaid blankets. It was exactly what you would imagine it would be.

After the ride, we went into the lodge to warm up with some snuggles. . .
...and hot chocolate.
The next day, we all bundled up again and went sledding.
The kids had a blast!

Along with sledding, there were 4-wheeler rides,
fort building,

and general winter cuteness!
A gathering with all of the cousins wouldn't be complete if we didn't try to get a picture of all of them together. Here it is. All of the kids with great-grandma. Yep, Molly is in there at the bottom, so it counts!

We were blessed with so many gifts this weekend, the wonderful weather, gifts under the tree and a whole family to celebrate the most amazing gift; the gift of a Savior!

Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas
The Kobies

Monday, December 13, 2010


Our girls are so lucky to have two grandmas and two great grandmas that love them so much. Both girls love spending time with their grandmas and get very excited every time they get to see them.
We talked about those grandmas a lot today. Lucy's school was cancelled, so we had all day to hang at home. It was too cold to go outside. As I was getting their clothes out, I saw t-shirts that Milwaukee Gram sent to them. They say 'Mom's little cookie taster'. So, they got dressed in their shirts and down to make cookies we went.
They did all of the cutting out and decorating with sprinkles.
According to the shirts, they had to be the tasters too!

Last weekend, Grandma K. watched the girls for an afternoon. She made them mac-n-cheese for lunch. When we came home they also had a new song to sing for us. Today, they had mac-n-cheese for lunch again and were singing the song again:

We love you Grandmas!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow Day

Maybe the title should be 'Snow Days' since we are on the second day of confinement. Yesterday it snowed and blowed all day. The girls and I did not venture out. It was treacherous! Today we are officially stuck. It is 2:15 and our street has not been plowed yet.
Here is the view from my spot on the couch under my electric blanket. I think it is so beautiful! I love the branches, the lights and the snow. Both girls snuggled with me in this spot yesterday and watched movies. It was great.
Here is the view out my window this morning. Jer had to go out and move the cars to the other side of the street for the snow emergency. FIVE of our neighbors came to help him dig the cars out and dig a new spot for them on the other side!
After the cars were moved, the girls got to go play while Jer got started on the walkways. Ellen went as far as it was shoveled and then came running back to safety.
Both girls loved running in the trenches.
Can you see Ellen?
I ventured out past the shoveled walk to get this picture. This is our street!
The girls got a little tired from all of the playing. I hurried inside to get the hot chocolate ready! Ellen wore her hat and snow pants for at least an hour after she came in. Maybe she will turn into a winter lover after all.

Monday, December 6, 2010

St. Nick

After a long day of lollipops, chocolate & gifts, the girls are asleep upstairs in new jammies that they got this morning from St. Nick.
The stockings were set up under the tree when they woke up. Somehow, before I was even out of bed, Lucy was running into my room with a lollipop.
Ellen loved the Elmo jammies the moment she saw them.
Lucy was still loving the lolli. She did put her new jammies on to eat breakfast in too.

This evening, the girls got to open some St. Nick presents that Gram sent. This isn't the greatest picture, but I just had to document that Gram got to watch the girls open the presents via skype. I LOVE skype!
Before bed, I wanted to get a picture of the girls in their jammies. They would only do it if Daddy would be with them. So cute!
Happy St. Nick Day to all.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We have just returned from a trip to see Uncle Bruce and Auntie Julie. We all had such a blast. Jer got to spend some time with Bruce and do some fly fishing, I got to hang with Julie and do some serious power shopping and the girls got to:
Have a tea party as soon as they arrived, in jammies and all. They also got to go to a great place to eat with some real down home cooking. Lucy had biscuits and jam and Ellen tried grits for the first time.
Here are Bruce, Ellen and Lucy at the cafe. Well, Lucy's hand holding up Brown Bear.
The girls also got to have a little tractor ride.
We did a tour of Nashville this visit also. Jer and I loved seeing 'Music Row'. Here is Jer playing Elvis' guitar. He wishes! He is in front of the building where Elvis recorded some of his hit songs.
While we were on our tour, Julie was setting up for a very special tea party.
Lucy found a special gift on her place card. It is a ring with three tea cups on it.

I was lucky enough to be invited also. Here we all are in Julie's tea room.
Here is the guest of honor taking her first sip of tea.
There was also a spot for Brown Bear, who is a special guest from Lucy's school.
Lucy and Julie
Ellen returned from a trip with Daddy at the end of the party and got to sit with us for a little snack.
Here is Lucy on tea party day.
Ellen wanted to be part of the fanciness too, she pulled Lucy's tutu skirt from the suitcase and pulled it on.
The looks on the girls faces sums it up. We had a great time. Thanks Bruce and Julie!