Sunday, January 30, 2011

The John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon

Just a few pictures from the Sled Dog race. Camera battery issues and children wanting to be held limited the amount of time that my camera was out and snapping.

The hotel that we stayed at has an outdoor pool on the roof that is open year round. Sunday morning we just had to hop in.
The white stuff on the pool chairs is snow. It was about 15 degrees outside, but in the water, it was great! Ellie just popped up for the picture, we all hunkered down and had such a fun time.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lucy's Fancy Fourth Birthday Party

Fancy Lucy really got to have a spectacular weekend of birthday celebration. We started with an overnight at Lucy's great-grandparents house. There she was pampered with presents,
(a lot of) cake and ice-cream and tons of love and attention from the 'corkers'.
Then we headed down to Milwaukee for a few days in a hotel. These next few days were inspired by one of our favorite Fancy Nancy books. Lucy and I did a 'hunt' for an automatic ice dispenser and a candy machine, just like Nancy. Lucy had a mini spa day in the posh, spa-like bathroom in our room and to top it all off, she had her party at the hotel.
Here is Lucy with her Fancy Nancy doll.
Here, Mindi and Lucy are doing poses for the camera.
Side note: Lucy has always wanted to buy a huge jug of cheese balls. Don't they look fancy on the table???
I managed to get pictures of the birthday girl with most of the guests.
Here she is with 'Auntie' April.
Gram, Lucy, Annmarie & Earley
Auntie Mal
Auntie Ginny and Geno
Grandpa Steve & Anne
Of course she got some new dress up clothes. She wasted no time trying them out!
The girls! Mindi, Addy, Ellen & Lucy
Ellen and Michael.
Ellen had the candy necklace and a pink sucker at the party. When I took her shirt off after the party it was hard and sticky!
Little Ellie barely made it to the bed. She crashed after the party.
Lucy found the strength to try on a few more outfits and play with Nancy and a new doll. Here she is finally winding down for the night with Gram.

It was a fancy weekend for a fancy girl.

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Years Eve with the Crazy Grays!

We started the weekend off with a toast!
That is one of the few pictures I actually took. Sorry guys! I did manage to get one of each of the girls opening a present from Gram. Here is Lucy opening her new Fancy Nancy doll.
Ellen with her Elmo package.
So - the rest of you need to post some pictures online so I can steal them!
Thanks to everyone for coming. Miss you!