Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Eggs

Lucy and Jer got the tablets all dissolved and the eggs supplies ready. Here they are trying to say 'Can we start yet??'.Ellen was happy to wait for Mommy! She wasted no time getting started when she could. And no time getting messy!

Lucy chose the multiple egg strategy.
She loved her new bunny ear tongs.
This is one of my new favorites. Their faces are just too much!
Ellen had just as much fun putting stickers on her as she did on the eggs.
Lucy was excited to peel one at the end.
Some of the finished masterpieces.
Is tomorrow too early to have egg salad?

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  1. Ah-h-h these really brighten my day. Can't wait to check them out at home so I can see them all. I do love the faces. Great fun.