Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Time for Tea

My little Lucy is sure growing up. She went to her first Tea Party last night. Her friend Molly had a little girls tea party for her 2nd birthday. Lucy was very excited to get to wear a very special dress, shoes, hat and white gloves.

The table was set just for the girls, complete with mini sandwiches and cucumbers. Each girl also had their own tea cup and got to pour their own tea.
Here are the girls with mommies and Grammy Lu (Molly's grandma).
Here is the Birthday Girl!
Here is Lucy with her tea (water).
The girls played a game where they had to get their tea cup on the poster.
A favorite part of the evening was running through the streamers in the doorway to the kitchen.
Each of the girls also got a goodie bag to take home. Here is Lucy peeking in hers for the first time.
Birthday cupcakes.

The girls posed just for a few quick snaps together before they were off playing again.
Happy Birthday Molly, thank you for letting us celebrate with you.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Morning After the Concert

This morning we were listening to music from the Go Fish concert. Lucy was singing along.

Go Fish!

Last night we took the girls to their first rock concert! We saw Go Fish at North Heights Church. Both girls did great. Lucy jumped, danced, clapped and cheered all night. Ellen checked out the lights, music and sounds for a few minutes and then though it was all so soothing that it lulled her to sleep in the baby carrier.
We met up with a few other families. Here we all are: Doug Brown, Beth Brown, Annika Brown, Aaron Brown, Natalie Goodman, Jordan Goodman, Katie Goodman, Emma Goodman, Jeremy, Miles Thomsen, Me, Ellen, Sawyer Thomsen, Shelley Thomsen, Lucy, Payton Thomsen, Ed Thomsen.
Lucy and Natalie were cheering along with the crowd.
Shelley and Sawyer
My turn to have the girls. I had Natalie and Lucy on a leg and Ellen in the carrier.
Lucy and Jer cheering. Lucy is saying that Go Fish is #1!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

We started Father's day on Saturday this year and headed to the cabin for the day. Not really to celebrate the day, just to have some family fun on such a beautiful warm sunny day. Jer and Lucy spent a lot of time in the water and on the dock. Here they are fishing. If you look closely, you can see Lucy's little hand pushing Jer's hand away. I can just hear her saying "I want to do it All By Myself'".
Here is Jer doing the total dad thing. He has Ellen in the Baby Bjorn while still fishing with Lucy.
I'm going to need a net this big for my fish!
Jer and Lucy Chillin.
Warming up on the dock after swimming.
Lucy - gathering cups for her tea party.
Lucy - exploring the inside of a stick.
Taking a little rest.
Here we are, getting a little snack ready.
Mommy and Ellen.
Ellen, relaxing on the porch (getting the full cabin experience).

We were joined later in the day by Emily, Ali, Kim & Grandma Kobie. Here is Emily getting ready to go swimming.
Of course, Lucy had to try.
And Allie too!
Fun in the sun.

We were back home for church the next day. We had planned on going to pick strawberries with some friends after church, but we got rained out. We decided to try to get some family pictures at the end of the day. You all know how that goes. Her are Jer and Lucy pretending to cry, since that is all Ellen was doing. At least they could all be the same. . .
We were using the timer on my camera, so we got a lot like this:
This was the best one we got. I'll continue to work on my dream of a 'nice family picture'.

Happy Father's Day Jer! Thanks for being such a great Dad for our girls.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Riding with Blue

Lucy went on her first real ride last week. She got to choose from a few of the kid rides at the Mall of America. She chose the Blues Clues ride. Mommy got the privilege of riding with her. We only had Jer's phone with us since this was not a planned trip, so the pictures are showing up very small. I just can't figure out how to get them bigger in the brief period of time I have where both girls are napping. . .

A passerby gave us the rest of his tickets, so Lucy got to choose one more ride. This time Daddy got to go with her on the carousel.

More updates to follow from Father's Day weekend. . . I hope.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Splash of Summer

It was a beautifully warm and sunny day today. We got out the stroller and headed over to a local park to meet some friends and let the girls go swimming. Here are Lucy and Natalie getting ready to get in.
The water was a little chilly at first, but the girls didn't mind.
Even Emma got in on the fun today.
Ellen, on the other hand, sat this one out. She is looking at Emma's stroller wondering where her little buddy went.
After Emma went to get warmed up, Lucy took a turn in the floatie.
It was a good thing we took our opportunity this morning. As I'm writing, the clouds and a cool breeze are rolling in. Oh, Minnesota weather. . .