Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow Day

Maybe the title should be 'Snow Days' since we are on the second day of confinement. Yesterday it snowed and blowed all day. The girls and I did not venture out. It was treacherous! Today we are officially stuck. It is 2:15 and our street has not been plowed yet.
Here is the view from my spot on the couch under my electric blanket. I think it is so beautiful! I love the branches, the lights and the snow. Both girls snuggled with me in this spot yesterday and watched movies. It was great.
Here is the view out my window this morning. Jer had to go out and move the cars to the other side of the street for the snow emergency. FIVE of our neighbors came to help him dig the cars out and dig a new spot for them on the other side!
After the cars were moved, the girls got to go play while Jer got started on the walkways. Ellen went as far as it was shoveled and then came running back to safety.
Both girls loved running in the trenches.
Can you see Ellen?
I ventured out past the shoveled walk to get this picture. This is our street!
The girls got a little tired from all of the playing. I hurried inside to get the hot chocolate ready! Ellen wore her hat and snow pants for at least an hour after she came in. Maybe she will turn into a winter lover after all.

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