Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas with the Kobs

This year we got to go back to Westboro for Christmas. We got to spend a few days with Jer's grandma. Her house holds so many wonderful childhood memories for Jer. We love that we can bring our girls to spend time with great-grandma Kobielush. Here are Lucy and great-grandma.
The whole family came back this year. On Christmas Day, we all went on a horse drawn sleigh ride through the snowy forest. It was so beautiful! The horses had sleigh bells on, the snow crunched, we sat on hay and plaid blankets. It was exactly what you would imagine it would be.

After the ride, we went into the lodge to warm up with some snuggles. . .
...and hot chocolate.
The next day, we all bundled up again and went sledding.
The kids had a blast!

Along with sledding, there were 4-wheeler rides,
fort building,

and general winter cuteness!
A gathering with all of the cousins wouldn't be complete if we didn't try to get a picture of all of them together. Here it is. All of the kids with great-grandma. Yep, Molly is in there at the bottom, so it counts!

We were blessed with so many gifts this weekend, the wonderful weather, gifts under the tree and a whole family to celebrate the most amazing gift; the gift of a Savior!

Merry Christmas.

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  1. What beautiful memories you made this Christmas. Great pictures. I can't help but notice, that they start young in Minnesota with the winter activity. I see little Hans is sledding already, pacie and all. Merry Christmas!