Monday, December 13, 2010


Our girls are so lucky to have two grandmas and two great grandmas that love them so much. Both girls love spending time with their grandmas and get very excited every time they get to see them.
We talked about those grandmas a lot today. Lucy's school was cancelled, so we had all day to hang at home. It was too cold to go outside. As I was getting their clothes out, I saw t-shirts that Milwaukee Gram sent to them. They say 'Mom's little cookie taster'. So, they got dressed in their shirts and down to make cookies we went.
They did all of the cutting out and decorating with sprinkles.
According to the shirts, they had to be the tasters too!

Last weekend, Grandma K. watched the girls for an afternoon. She made them mac-n-cheese for lunch. When we came home they also had a new song to sing for us. Today, they had mac-n-cheese for lunch again and were singing the song again:

We love you Grandmas!

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  1. I love you too!

    Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese please. I have to ome up with a Kraft dinner song! Love M. Gram