Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Alpine Slide

Yesterday we were up near Duluth, so we took the girls on "Timber Twister" the Alpine Coaster. For those of you who don't know, the Alpine Slide goes down Spirit Mountain and is powered by gravity. It is a cart on a track that zooms down the mountain and then is towed back up the track on a wire.

I had to buy the pictures, Ellen is so cute and little in the picture, I wanted to remember her doing this forever. Lucy went down with Jer in the cart before us. The whole time Ellen and I were going down she was shouting. "Luuucyyyy, Cooooomiiing!". Then she would give out a "Whooo hooo!"

I had the brakes on at first, so we wouldn't go too fast. Then I heard her say "Faster Mama!", so I eased up on the brake and off we went. She LOVED it!

The picture of Lucy and Jer is just priceless. Before they went, Lucy made Jer promise that he wouldn't put the brake on at all so they would go as fast as they could.

I'm thinking that I might be in trouble when these girls start driving!


  1. Oh my goodness...Ellen looks JUST like Lucy at that age...adorable! And oops, hope you weren't missing your hiking backpack...we need to return that to you guys ASAP!! Looks like a fun day trip!

  2. OMG, good thing M. Gram was not there! Looks fun but scary for the Gram!