Thursday, July 21, 2011


Here at Casa Kobielush, we have had a few visitors over the past few weeks. Auntie Sandy was here for a visit. She brought her usual energy and craziness with her!The girls are fierce competitors. They'll do what it takes!

Don't let the small size fool you. Ellen is in it to win it!
She means business!

Gram was here a few days ago and also brought some wet fun. Lucy and Ellen battled the heat and humidity playing hopscotch.

I have no good pictures of the girls with gram, because she was busy taking all of the pictures. Here she is showing them to Ellen.

Lucy, Come here so I can take your picture. . .

Gram also helped the girls get their eye protection on. Safety First!

These pictures really do explain a little about me and my silly girls. We loved having visitors. We hope they come back soon and stay longer next time.

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