Friday, August 12, 2011

A Day with Ellen

My day with Ellen actually starts with Lucy. This morning I got Lucy all packed up and she headed off for three days to the cabin with Grandma and the 'Big Girl' cousins. Jer drove Lucy up there today and stayed to be the boat driver, so it was just Mama and Ellen together all day today.

We started the day by heading to story time at a local book store. We were surprised to see that the main character of the book was there too. When Ellen saw Skippy John Jones, she sprinted for my lap and stayed there for the first few minutes. Then she whispered to me in her little voice "Cared Mama" (scared Mama). So we snuck to the back where Ellen waved bye bye to Skippy John and we went over to read a few books by ourselves.

After a few books and a new backpack, we headed out to do something that I knew Ellen would like. We went to eat!

She was much happier when she got to order her own lemonade.
Here she is, eating her kids veggie roll. Can you see her new backpack in the booth with her?

We headed across the hallway of the mall to the toy store and got a few stickers to put in the new backpack and made one more stop for a little dessert before we headed home.

It is rare that little Ellie and Mama get the whole day with just the two of us. We had a great time reading and snuggling together on the same side of the booth.
When we got back to the house today we just weren't ready to part yet, so we both had nap time together for some more snuggles. What a wonderful day it has been with my baby girl who is so quickly becoming more girl than baby.

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