Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Greetings From Up North!

We have had the pleasure of spending some time at the cabin this summer. Here are a few pictures to share all of the fun we have had there.

We have eaten a few s'mores.

Caught a few fish.
Had some fun on the boat.

Made some friends.

Lucy kept picking the fish out of the bin and telling them "It's okay fishie. We're gonna eat you."

Caught a few more fish.

Jer asked Lucy why she was catching so many fish and he wasn't catching as many. She quickly replied "Because I'm prettier, Daddy."

We also had some relaxing boat rides.

Back at the cabin, we had some time to read and take care of a little business.

We also got to celebrate Independence Day.

It was the perfect night for a fire by the lake.

And the perfect night to sleep in a tent.

We had plenty of time to hang around with family and be silly.

This time it was warm enough to swim.

Auntie Katie & Hans cooled off in the lake also.

Hans and Ellen took turns on the raft while Lucy did something new.

After a LOT of talking, encouraging and downright bribing. Lucy swam by herself with armbands on. She was so nervous and didn't want to let go for a long time. When she finally did it, she was so happy and she just loved it!

We are so proud of her!

I told her that if she did it, she could pick any reward she wanted. She picked Strawberry bubble gum. We got her a pack on the way home. She ate 4 pieces on the 2 hour drive.

Before we headed for home, the girls posed for a couple 4th of July pictures for me.

Here's to many more happy times Up North!


  1. Such great pics. Looks like a good time. I laughed out loud at the "taking care of business". Tell Lucy that Earley will be impressed with all the fish she caught, more than he catches too. And she is the prettiest. Love M. Gram

  2. It was the best time with all of you! Lucy...We're so proud of you for swimming with arm bands! Come back soon!