Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tutus and Training Wheels

Last week I took Lucy out for a bike ride. I had Ellen in the backpack and Lucy was pedaling in front of us. She had fallen earlier and had a skinned knee. I could still see it through the pink tutu that she was wearing. I was just watching her thinking of how I loved that she was riding her bike, wearing tennis shoes and a tutu and had her skinned knee. It was such a wonderful image of her at this stage of life. I thought of her in her tutu with her training wheeled bike. I thought of what a perfect metaphor it is for our life. Girly, yet practical, learning as we go. That is us, on a daily basis.
I realize that this doesn't really include Jer. But, this blog is really about the girls. I don't think he will mind. . .
So, this is the inspiration behind the new look and the new title. Tutus and Training Wheels.


  1. Your new header took my breath away! Your blog is super cute!

    BTW: you inspired me to take Molly's photos in her tutu today. She wore her tu-tu to the nature center (Angie Hansen took her and Ry for the afternoon) so I grabbed a couple shots right before she left. Of course, I had to do black and whites!

  2. Becki - I love it. You are so creative - love all of the sewing you are doing as well!!! How fun. A distant dream of mine as well... someday... :) Have fun. You selling anything?! Do matching shirts for siblings? Better get busy... they are totally CUTE!