Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Obsession

I recently purchased a new sewing machine. I did a little upgrade from the one that I had previously been using. I hadn't sewed in a while, but yesterday I got the machine all set up and did a few test strips with Lucy. Then the sewing bug bit me. Last night I was laying in bed, thinking about all of the kids clothes that I see in boutiques that are soooo cute. I always think, 'I could make that'. Well, last night I thought of a design and I gave it a try today.
I started with an old stained t-shirt of Lucy's. I used some left over fabric and a few remnants that I bought today at the fabric store.
I cut 'petals' and pinned and sewed them on one by one.
Then I added some twisted green ribbon.
I also sewed on some fabric button flowers for the middle. My new machine even sews buttons!!!
Here is the finished shirt!

I absolutely love it.
I'll try to get a pic of Lucy wearing it tomorrow.
Stay tuned for more cute kid's clothes.

I'm linking up! This shirt inspired me to create many more. Maybe it will get you sewing too!

The CSI Project



  1. this is amazing! will you make one for me too!?

  2. Hey! That's the old stained t-shirt WE handed down to you! Never thought I'd see it looking this good! Wow, you sure have talent Becki!

  3. Super Cute! Love it! You birthday was YESTERDAY....haha, just kidding!

  4. Whoa! You could take matchy-matchy to a whole new level with you new talent!

  5. The shirts look even better in person!
    Your ideas and designs are great and you have the perfect models for your creations!

    oh, Dad is so proud about the fact that he's finally played his first video game.

  6. I LOVE that shirt. I love how big and bold that flower is without looking out of place. Nice work! Stop by and link your work up to my Thursday party Make It Wear It for all things made to be worn! I can't wait to see what else you make!

  7. Very cute transformation! I love it!


  8. You just got a comment from jenjen at Tator Tots and Jello, you must be famous!

    Love the shirts, but more importantly, I love that you are finding a way to use the skills God gave you!