Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sleep Over

Last night we had our first real sleep over. We had our friends, Pete & Jess and their family, over for dinner and Molly got to stay to spend the night. Here are just a few pics of the 2 big girls getting ready to sleep.
Here is Molly saying 'I'm tired'
Here's Lucy with a big yawn.
These two tired girls must be just about ready to sleep, right?
They did sleep, eventually. They had a few more minutes of talking and swapping stuffed animals to sleep with and then Molly said "Lucy, I tired. I go sleep now." Then, of course, Lucy talked to her a little more and then they both drifted off to sleep.
Morning came and we had to get up and ready for church. Here are all of us girls getting ready.
The girls had one final good-bye before we headed off to church.


  1. I think I actually squealed with delight at these photos from their first sleepover! Okay, I'm sold on the matchy-matchy now for sure...Ellen in denim too. To die for. So cute. Thanks again for making Molly feel so welcome and loved in your home. You are truly good friends!

  2. I love the hug and group dental hygiene.