Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Time for Tea

My little Lucy is sure growing up. She went to her first Tea Party last night. Her friend Molly had a little girls tea party for her 2nd birthday. Lucy was very excited to get to wear a very special dress, shoes, hat and white gloves.

The table was set just for the girls, complete with mini sandwiches and cucumbers. Each girl also had their own tea cup and got to pour their own tea.
Here are the girls with mommies and Grammy Lu (Molly's grandma).
Here is the Birthday Girl!
Here is Lucy with her tea (water).
The girls played a game where they had to get their tea cup on the poster.
A favorite part of the evening was running through the streamers in the doorway to the kitchen.
Each of the girls also got a goodie bag to take home. Here is Lucy peeking in hers for the first time.
Birthday cupcakes.

The girls posed just for a few quick snaps together before they were off playing again.
Happy Birthday Molly, thank you for letting us celebrate with you.


  1. What a great idea for a birthday party. Lucy looks lovely as she heads out for high tea.

  2. Thanks for documenting the party! It was a pleasure to have you over for tea. Lucy was delightful.

  3. So fun! Looks like Jess threw a great party! Maybe we'll have a tea party for Gracie.

  4. Matt and Kristin are our good friends from TX.