Monday, June 15, 2009

A Splash of Summer

It was a beautifully warm and sunny day today. We got out the stroller and headed over to a local park to meet some friends and let the girls go swimming. Here are Lucy and Natalie getting ready to get in.
The water was a little chilly at first, but the girls didn't mind.
Even Emma got in on the fun today.
Ellen, on the other hand, sat this one out. She is looking at Emma's stroller wondering where her little buddy went.
After Emma went to get warmed up, Lucy took a turn in the floatie.
It was a good thing we took our opportunity this morning. As I'm writing, the clouds and a cool breeze are rolling in. Oh, Minnesota weather. . .

1 comment:

  1. Natalie looks like she is ready to dive off the block in a swim heat. Too funny! Looks fun.
    We've been ga-ga over the hose and squirt guns at our house.

    Water--does a body good.