Friday, June 26, 2009

Go Fish!

Last night we took the girls to their first rock concert! We saw Go Fish at North Heights Church. Both girls did great. Lucy jumped, danced, clapped and cheered all night. Ellen checked out the lights, music and sounds for a few minutes and then though it was all so soothing that it lulled her to sleep in the baby carrier.
We met up with a few other families. Here we all are: Doug Brown, Beth Brown, Annika Brown, Aaron Brown, Natalie Goodman, Jordan Goodman, Katie Goodman, Emma Goodman, Jeremy, Miles Thomsen, Me, Ellen, Sawyer Thomsen, Shelley Thomsen, Lucy, Payton Thomsen, Ed Thomsen.
Lucy and Natalie were cheering along with the crowd.
Shelley and Sawyer
My turn to have the girls. I had Natalie and Lucy on a leg and Ellen in the carrier.
Lucy and Jer cheering. Lucy is saying that Go Fish is #1!

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