Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Ellen

Good Morning Birthday Girl!

We started the day off right with a fun breakfast and a few presents from Mom, Dad & Grandma.

 Ellen got to open some presents after breakfast and even shared some of her new toys with her sis before we had to run.  The birthday girl got to stay home and have some one-on-one time with Grandma who came in to town the day before.

 Then, the good times just rolled all weekend.
Molly, Mandi, Sandy, Grandma, Uncle Jim, Mindi and Ryan all were here for the weekend.  Friday night, we celebrated a few birthday girls:  Ellen, Sandy & Molly.

There was a minor cupcake tragedy when someone hurled a cupcake in the air with a scream, I mean, mom dropped her cupcake on the floor.

 Never fear, we all know how much you love cake.  Several replacements were quickly offered up.

The Birthday Girls

 The following day, we had the 'hoppin' Max and Ruby birthday bash.

 Bunny and carrot themed treats were aplenty

Even the party-goers, started to turn into bunnies!

The home-made, cereal box pinata was hard to take down.

 But, after a few good wallops, the bounty was released.

Since there wasn't enough sugar in the pinata candy, we moved immediately to cake!

 Then on to presents.  Do you like my writing table?

 When it was all said and done, the birthday girl was wiped out!  She made her own little rest spot while we cleaned up.

Happy Third Birthday Ellen!

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