Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 First Weekend At The Cabin!

We got to spend a few days at the cabin last week.  This was our list of priorities:
Spend lots of time outside
Spend some time in the water
Eat lots of smores
Go fishing

Here is how we did:

We all had smores!

We spent lots of time outside

Even when we were cranky about it.

We had some more smores

Jer got to use his new toy!

Lucy spent some time in the water!  Before the dock was even finished, she jumped off. . .  And then jumped right back out!  It was freezing!

Ellen was a bit more cautious.

But, she did it!

Good thing it was warm and cozy inside the cabin.

We went fishing.

Lucy learned how to cast.

This one is just too great.  I think I have to frame it.

We went on a nature walk.


Lucy learned how to shoot a sling shot.  She even hit a can target!

Such a fun few days!

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  1. I love your nature walk pictures! The girls and their cute clothes- so cute!!! I've sorely neglected my blog (and reading others) but decided to update today!