Friday, August 27, 2010

Family Picture

The crazy mom vibe took over once again, except this time it took over 5 women at the same time. Kim, Katie, Paola, Grandma Kobielush and I all decided that we should have a picture of all of the little cousins together. This seems like a reasonable thing for a family to want, right? Other families have this, right? Well, we have some pictures. Here they are:

The next one is my personal favorite. Allie is just priceless!

And... We're done.
Yep, that's it.
The more I look at them, the funnier they get. I just might turn out to be one of the people who sends the worst snap for the Christmas card picture.


  1. Haha. Love it! So funny! Yep, mine are pretty much the same...

  2. such a good reminder of these days! Also, can I just say once again, how pathetic Ryan looks in his teensy, tiny, borrowed onsie? Gotta remember to pack better next time.

  3. Now I know why I can't stop sleeping!

  4. I love these and I agree, they would make great Christmas cards. Love Mom