Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween Camping

On the long drive to Point Beach State Park, we had a wonderful overnight visit with Great-Grandma Kobielush. We arrived to a pot of warm delicious chili and had a very relaxing and cozy visit. Lucy had a great time exploring inside and outside in the woods with Daddy. Here is Grandma with the girls.

The next day we got back in the car and headed to our campsite. A spooktacular time awaited.
The very first thing we did was head to the lodge to pick out some pumpkins. Here are Mindi, Addy and Lucy decorating theirs.
Lucy decided to paint her pumpkin this year.
Then we got to do some general setting up and hanging around at the campsite. Here is Ellen and Jer.
Kelly and Ryan.
Addy Jane.
Jer and Ellen had a little rest by the fire.
Here is Lucy in front of our tent.
Here she is helping decorate.
It wouldn't be a Halloween celebration without costumes and trick-or-treating. Here are Snow White and Addy the Clown.
Snow White and a little Lion were stealing candy from our bin!
Addy and Ellen, my little Lamb.
Here are Kelly and I with the babes. Ry Guy was a little monkey.
There were some pretty amazing campsites this year. First prize when to a site that was the complete set of Sesame Street. Here are Lucy, Big Bird and Cookie Monster.
The cast of Scooby-doo were also camping this weekend. Check our their camper! It was a huge Mystery Machine.
The three happy trick-or-treaters.
It was a cold weekend, but so much fun. Next year we are bringing a camper. Then maybe Ellen and I will actually get to sleep at the campground.


  1. The picture of Addy and Lucy...Addy looks just like you becki!!! Looks like a fun time!

  2. What troopers you all are. or crazy. Gram and I had the best camping trip too!!! I think a cmaper sounds wonderful!!! What a cute little lamb I saw. And snow white was the prettiest ever.
    Auntie Sandy

  3. PS. are you sure Ellen was a lamb....or bunny?

  4. i LOVE the one where ryan is giving two thumbs up. baby mittens. so funny!
    looks like a blast!

  5. Lamb, for sure. Bunny ears would come out the top of her head.