Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Favorites

It looks like we might have a short fall in Minnesota this year. Winter is trying very hard to barge right into October. We have been making the most of any nice fall weather and have had some inside fall fun as well. We have hit a couple of apple orchards with our Thursday play group this year. Here are a few of Lucy at one of the orchards. We made apple crisp this week with only apples that Lucy picked.
Just enough.
The group at the apple orchard.
Ellen in her stroller again. I just couldn't resist this picture. I love the expression in her eyes and the half smile behind the paci.
Lucy held this fuzzy caterpillar for the longest time. She loved it when it crawled around and tickled her hand.
We always make German chocolate cake for Jer's birthday. Lucy chose cupcakes this year for Daddy.
Lucy got a super cool Mr. Potato head pumpkin kit while out shopping with Auntie Sandy. I'm not sure what the goofy face is about in this one. It guess it just wasn't a regular smile kind of day.
We also did a 'haunted' gingerbread house for Halloween. Here is Lucy, just getting started.
She is holding up a bat candy. As you can tell by her orange face, she hasn't eaten any candy or licked any frosting. . .
When Jer got home, Lucy was so excited to show him the house. I'm not sure if she was actually proud of it, or if it was pure sugar high.
Happy Fall to all. I hope it isn't a white Halloween this year.

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