Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gram's Visit

We are a little behind on posting pictures. It has been a busy few weeks for us. At the end of July, we had a special visitor. Gram came to take Lucy on an adventure. They went to the Build a Bear store and Lucy got to build a special friend. Here they are getting started.
Lucy chose the Hello Kitty doll. Here they are waiting in line to get her filled up. Of course, I took a million pictures of them getting a heart and rubbing it on their hearts and putting it in, but I took them all on Gram's camera! I don't have any of them on the computer. . .
The next day, Gram took Lucy to get her very own 'big girl' bicycle. They picked it out and Mommy put it together in the front yard. Again, all of the pictures of Gram and Lucy or Mommy building the bike are on Gram's camera. . . We do have a couple of Lucy riding on my camera. Here is one of Daddy giving Lucy a lesson.
The riding session did end with a little crash. . . Lucy got her first 'road rash'. She was a little upset until we reminded her that Gram brought Hello Kitty band-aids. Here is the picture of her showing her road rash and remembering that she would get a special band-aid.
OK Gram, send me your pictures! I want to add them to the post!

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