Monday, July 20, 2009

Duluth or Bust

Last weekend was the big biking weekend for Jer and three of his buddies. They started out from our house with the goal of biking to Duluth.
On Thursday night, we had the guys and their families over for a planning evening. The ladies and kids were to be the support vehicles and meet the guys in Hinkley after the first day.
While the guys were getting things finalized, we got a few pics of the kids. Here is the 'big kids' table.
Lucille, Ryan, Molly, Natalie, Lucy & Bella
The little girls area. It really wouldn't be appropriate to have pictures of these ones eating. hehehe
We remembered to take a few shots of the guys getting their gear ready. Here are Jer and Ted.
Pete, taking the best parts from several bikes to make the McWilliams super bike.
Natalie, helping her Daddy, Jordan, get ready.
Although I heard the guys take off the next morning, it was through my bedroom window as I was still in bed when they left.
Here is one of them the next morning. They were just about to leave from the campground in Hinkley.
I love this picture. I couldn't think of a caption that would be as funny as the picture itself, so here it is.And, they're off.
While the guys were riding, the girls and the kids packed up camp and headed to Duluth. Here are the kids waiting for a treat outside of the chocolate shop.
Kimber and her girls.
Here are the kids on the pier in Duluth. Lucille has spotted something past the wall in the harbor.
Molly, Natalie and Lucy will find a way to see it!
Here they all are skipping rocks as they wait for the daddies to finish.
There really should be more pictures after this, like one of the guys when they were done, or one of the whole group. However, after the guys were done riding and the girls were done caring for 8 children for 2 days on the road and camping, I think we were all too tired to remember the camera.
It was a fun trip and we are so proud of you guys for the many many miles that you rode.


  1. Nice post! What a day for us! I too, am so proud of the guys. Specially Jer and Pete!

  2. Becki, that pier is where I got lost when I was about 3 years old. My parents thought my grandparents had me, and they thought likewise. Everybody headed off to Grandma's restaurant, and there I was... wandering on the pier! They realized once everyone was at the restaurant, and turned around. Thankfully, I found a nice lady who sat with me until they returned! Great pictures! Thanks for the memory (sniff)!!! :)