Monday, August 6, 2012


China Outreach!
Several people from our church take part in a program to help Chinese students who are coming to study at the University of MN.  This year, we decided to host a student who would be coming to MN and needed a home to stay in for a few days until her apartment would be ready.  We had a name, a short description, and a time and place to pick up our student.  We knew how her name was spelled, but definetly not how to pronounce it.  Still, we were very excited to meet her!

Lucy and Ellen made a big red sign to bring to the airport.

 Lucy did a great job of holding our sign up high so Nirui could find us.

Finally we got to meet her.  Nee-Ray we learned was how to pronounce her name and this was her first time to leave China.  She spoke english very well and the girls were immediately in love with her!

 Our gifts from China
Niruri brought a scarf, a little outfit for Ellen, a purse for Lucy and some tea from her home city.  She is from Xi'an.  Her city has a population of 8 million.

 The girls with Nirui at her new apartment

Although, Nirui is no longer staying with us, her apartment is close.  We spent some time with her again yesterday and hope to continue a wonderful relationship that has started.  Although, I'm sure she is exhausted by the time she leaves us since the girls ask her how to say every word they can think of in Chineese.

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