Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival!

Castles, fancy dresses, Fairies; these are some of Lucy's favorite things.  We heard that you could find all of these things at the Renaissance Festival.
We did find some of each.

Before we went, we had to get ready.  Lucy and I looked at period clothing and hair online and went through our dress-up and ribbon selection to see what we had.  She wanted braids and ribbons in her hair.  This is what we came up with.
Lucy made it on stage again. . .  In the Children's Realm production of The Pied Piper, Lucy played a mouse.  Can you see her scurrying across the back of the stage?

She is more in the middle of this picture in the purple and blue dress with the red mouse face.

We also found a ride to go on.

The girls and I loved this!  The elephant's ears kept flapping back on Lucy's legs.  At first she was a little startled, but then she thought it was pretty neat. 

Hi Dad!
Then we saw a Knight in Shinning Armor!  Lucy was going to go have her picture taken with him, but she was a little nervous, so mom went with her.
The girls each got to bring home a puppet.  Here they are showing them off.  Ellen was being such a goof ball, this is actually the best picture I have of her.  We'll chalk it up to a long day. . .

Lucy was still quite smiley and excited.  She wanted to take lots of pictures.  So, here she is one more time with her new teddy bear puppet.

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