Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Wedding

Here comes the bride. . . This has been the song that has been in our house for weeks. Lucy has been humming it and singing it since her flower girl dress arrived and she got to start practicing. Well, last weekend the bride and the groom went down the aisle and we got to be there with them.
At the rehearsal, Molly and Scott gave each of the flower girls the most gorgeous personalized pillows that Scott's mom made. Lucy is sleeping with hers as I am writing this.
Then it was the big day. Molly's colors were all fall inspired.
The reception was decorated with fall flowers, carved pumpkins and was warmed by a huge fireplace. At the end of the evening I got to look in from the parking lot and it was glowing with white lights and the light from the fire. It was so beautiful!
Lucy and Mindi were off to their own imaginations while waiting for the wedding to start.

The kids played on the porch of a little historic cottage.

Then, down the aisle they went.

A beautiful day, a beautiful wedding, a beautiful couple. Thank you to Molly and Scott for letting us be a part of your day and for making it such a special day for Lucy. You have always been special to Lucy, she is still talking about Scott being the 'ring bier' at her wedding. Scott just might get to be the worlds oldest 'ring bier'.

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  1. Oh yes, looking at these beautiful pictures brings tears to my eyes. So glad you got our pics. Beautiful ,beautiful, could look at these all day....and I will! Lucy you were great! Love Milw Gram