Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Fun with Gram

Gram visited over Thanksgiving weekend. We had lots of crafty plans for the weekend. However, the girls and I all ended up sick and Gram took care of us, pretty much the whole time she was here. She managed to stay healthy so she could cook, clean, wipe noses, change diapers, take temperatures and worry about us until Sunday when she had to leave. . . Then she got sick too. We owe you some fun and relaxation mom!
We did manage to do a few crafty things before the bugs got us down.
It is starting to be a tradition for us to make a cookie house for each holiday. Gram brought us a gingerbread house to make. Here is Lucy getting started.
Carefully applying buttons to the gingerbread man
Here is the proud girl with the finished house
Lucy and Gram also made a huge gingerbread man. Here they are getting ready to put him in the oven.
Thanks for taking care of us and for the goodies Gram!

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