Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day at the Cabin

Hello from the cabin!
We had so much fun at the cabin this weekend. We haven't been able to spend much time up there this summer, it was so refreshing to be in the warm fresh air by the lake. There were a couple of boat rides, some swimming, some craft projects and lots of fun.
Here is Grandma K. with Lucy and David.
David and Lucy were ready for a boat ride.
They got their own special table for supper.
Lucy in the tent.
Ellen hanging out on the nice new carpeting.
Mommy and Ellen getting ready to go for a swim.
Here are the girls in the lake. I had to include this picture because you can just get a glimpse of Katie's cute little baby bump.
Here are Lucy and Ellen enjoying the water.
Lucy had a bug jar this weekend too, she had a lady bug pet for a few hours.

That just might have been our last cabin trip of the year. We look forward to more cabin trips with more little cousins next year!

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